Spirits of Roma

Ah, Roma – The Eternal City. If you are quiet and open-minded, you can sense the souls of those who were here before us.

I first felt the energy when I visited the Catacombs. Although actual bodies no longer lay in rest there, the Catacombs were full of those spirits who once resided there. A person does not have to believe in the afterlife to appreciate the underground cemetery. When you see the recesses where the bodies were once housed – especially the ones which kept the infants and children – it will have you re-evaluating your life. People also do not need to believe I could sense the energy emanating from my surroundings – I just know what I felt.

As much as I enjoyed the Catacombs, I found the Capuchin Crypts far more intriguing. When our tour guide told us about the Crypts being decorated by the bones of long-deceased friars, no one could imagine it being as beautiful as he had stated. We were taken aback by how striking the Crypts were. I was surprised by how calm I became while I was surrounded by the skeletal remains.

People reading this may find this odd or disturbing but I highly recommend keeping an open-mind and seeing it for yourself. The Crypts were a pleasant surprise for me and an instant favorite for my trip to Rome.

While I was waiting for my tour guide at the Coliseum, I again sensed energies from past souls although not very strong. It wasn’t until we were underneath where the gladiators and slaves were housed that I felt the strongest energy. While others in my tour group were chatting with one another, I remained silent – engulfed in the reverberating invisible forces around me. I couldn’t believe how intense it was.

As stated previously, I don’t expect people to believe what I experienced. I just know I did and it will forever be a part of me.