Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist

Believe Me:  The Story of a Narcissist

Ken was born into the world of privilege. He expected everyone to cater to his needs.

Kennedy Kilpatrick was born into the world of privilege.  His immigrant parents built an empire from the ground up.  By the time their son was born, they had amassed a great fortune.

Ken had a tendency to exaggerate everything.  Despite this - or maybe because of it - he found himself surrounded by devoted followers.

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About the Book

Kennedy Karl Kilpatrick grew up in a world of privilege. As an only child, he believed he was entitled to everything and anything he wanted. His parents found themselves too late in their attempts to discipline their son.

Ken loved being in the spotlight and often bragged how great he was. His family, on the other hand, preferred to be left alone. When he decided to run for president, his wife and children feared the worst.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: KDP Amazon
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1791325785
ISBN: 9781386340584
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