Dream trip: Parthenon!!

As stated in a previous blog, my tour of the Acropolis and the Parthenon was Thursday morning. After our guide spoke of the history of the Parthenon, we were given time to wander through the ruins.

I looked out onto the magnificent city of Athens. The city seemed to go on for miles with the morning haze hovering lightly above it.

Once we were finished at the Parthenon, we headed to the Acropolis Museum. It was filled with artifacts from various archaeological digs. The British Museum was supposed to return artifacts once the new museum was built but, at this point, still had not done so.

After our visit to the museum – which was the end of the tour – I stopped for lunch at a small restaurant. A young Bedouin – I think he was about 10 – was entertaining a couple sitting across from me. I gave him two Euros which prompted a young girl, possibly his sister, to demand money. I asked her why I should give her money as she did not perform.

She continued to insist money so I tried to give her a single Euro. She was having none of it. “Real money,” she demanded. It was only after I gave her two Euros as well that she left. The couple next to me could only laugh. I didn’t blame them. It was a funny situation.

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