Dream trip to Delphi

As with Pompeii, I had an obsession with Greek mythology. I knew if I ever made it to Greece, there were two temples I wanted to visit. The first would be the Parthenon, home to the goddess Athena. The other was Delphi, home of Apollo.

For the week of my 44th birthday, I decided to spend it in Greece. I had the morning of my first full day in Athens free. Instead of roaming around the beautiful city – I had ventured out the evening before – I chose to spend it on the hotel patio. With the Parthenon looking protectively over me, I wrote as if my hand was being guided by Athena.

I was originally booked to tour the Acropolis that morning but it was postponed until Thursday. The museum was part of the tour package and it was closed on Mondays. Although disappointed, I watched the goings-on around me when I wasn’t writing.

On Wednesday – my birthday – was my trip to Delphi. I was beyond excited to cross another item off my list. What made the day even more spectacular was being awakened by a thunder and lightning storm. Next to blizzards, lightning storms are my favorite weather phenomena.

Since it was about 4 in the morning, I just stayed in bed and watch the show. My 44th birthday was off to a fantastic start.

I met with the tour guide and the rest of the group later in the morning. We drove through Athens, passing by the Olympic Stadium on our way to Delphi. Our guide showed us points of interest during our short bus tour of the city.

When we finally arrived at the temple, I was in awe of how high we were. Delphi is approximately 5000 feet above sea water.

We then walked up to the theatre which had a great view of the temple below. Once our guide finished her talk, we were given time to walk up to the stadium, if we chose to do so. I figured I may never have a second chance to be at Delphi, I might as well go.

On my way up, there was a small group of people looking at the side of the mountain. When I stopped to see what was going on, I saw two goats making a climb. After I snapped a couple photos, I continued my own journey to the stadium.

One of the women on the tour was in Greece to participate in the marathon happening on Saturday. She wanted to run a lap in the stadium but, was denied due to safety issues. I took in the magnificent views from the stadium and breathed in the clean air. Dream trip to Delphi complete.

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