A tale of struggle, inspiration and hope, George is back with “Sanctuaerie” and why it should be your next read

Praise for Tracilyn George and her new and engaging novel “Sanctuaerie”, a must for the compassionate reader in all of us, and those looking to do their part in increasing their awareness of depression, and be educated about suicide prevention. “Sanctuaerie”, is just one of an assortment of George’s works that delves into the topic of depression education while intertwining her novels with suspense, mystery and drama to deliver delightful tales of hope and positivity.

While George’s novels surround very real and dark topics, she herself treasures positivity and appreciating the value of living day by day. Diagnosed with depression at an early age, George turned to writing in her youth to combat her illness, and document the struggles she overcame. She uses her insight to weave immersive stories that inspire others battling with mental illness, and educate those who wish to know more about the topic. George is passionate about traveling, a trait passed down from her grandmother who journeyed from Scotland to North America at the tender age of 16. She uses her experiences abroad, and her diagnosis to find herself, and spur her creativity to generate new works. George strongly values the importance of living within the moment, and emphasizes how fleeting a moment can be if it is not truly appreciated, this theme can be found effectively implemented in the passage Value the Moment in “Sanctuaerie”. 

“Sanctuaerie” is a collection of works with themes related to depression and suspense, which should peak the interest of the thriller lover. This assortment encapsulates George’s overarching desire to inform and engage the reader in the topics of anxiety, depression, and the importance of having hope. “Sanctuaerie” is a piece that truly delivers, leaving readers feeling that in their illness, they are not alone, and solidifying that there is life during and after depression. 

“Sanctuaerie” is a top pick during Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention month for Canadians who enjoy educating themselves within dark yet inspiring works, and those who appreciate suspense and mystery. George and her commendable work “Sanctuaerie” deliver unmatched insight into the world of living with depression, and inspiration for those who are currently battling mental illness. George is back at it again, from memoirs, to poetry to self-help books, there is something for everyone to appreciate from this diverse and dynamic writer.

*Sanctuaerie has been renamed to Alone, She Sits.

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