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Alone, She Sits
Believe Me:  The Story of a Narcissist

Believe Me: The Story of a Narcissist

Kennedy Kilpatrick was born into the world of privilege.  His immigrant parents built an empire from the ground up.  By the time their son was born, they had amassed a great fortune.

Ken had a tendency to exaggerate everything.  Despite this - or maybe because of it - he found himself surrounded by devoted followers.

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Darkness Over Me

Darkness Over Me

To the outside world, Moira was a confident, uncompromising and self-assured young woman. On the inside, her world was in controlled turmoil When Chance waltzed into her life, the feelings she had buried deep inside her came rushing to the surface, threatening to destroy the image she had put forth. She fought to keep from dealing with the demons she would have much rather not acknowledge.

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Dealing with Demons:  Understanding Clinical Depression from a Survivor’s Perspective
Empty Dreams
Find Your Path

Find Your Path

Do you have questions about the direction your life is going? Are you facing struggles and want answers to overcome them? Do you have a dream you wish you can obtain? Your guide is within these pages.
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I Heard the Tulugak Squawk
Official Handbook of the Scottish Mafia
Remembering Ellie
Stories My Dad Told Me