Angels and Demons

On my 43rd birthday, I was supposed to go on the Angels and Demons Tour in Rome. Unfortunately, my wallet was stolen the night before so I had no money

Alba Gu Brath – Again

After my first trip to Scotland, I knew I needed to go back. This time, the trip was for me and was going to be for longer. I had planned

Alba Gu Brath

Ah, Scotland – home of great history and land of brave people. It is also the country of my ancestors. For as long as I could remember, the pride of

Dream Trip: Pompeii

When I was about twelve, my parents bought me a set of encyclopedias. I loved reading and learning about new things and places. After reading about Pompeii, I became fascinated

Dad Stories

So, far – I have written almost 40 stories in my new book. About half of them are stories he told me; the rest are anecdotes family and friends have