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Lady Tracilyn George Posts

Dad Stories

So, far – I have written almost 40 stories in my new book. About half of them are stories he told me; the rest are anecdotes family and friends have provided to me. I am waiting for more; hopefully, from my cousins, brothers and aunts/uncles who knew him before I came along. Will keep everyone posted!

Spirits of Roma

Ah, Roma – The Eternal City. If you are quiet and open-minded, you can sense the souls of those who were here before us. I first felt the energy when I visited the Catacombs. Although actual bodies no longer lay in rest there, the Catacombs were full of those spirits who once resided there. A person does not have to believe in the afterlife to appreciate the underground cemetery. When you see the recesses where…

New Project

Currently working on a new book – based on stories my father had told me growing up. It will be a collection of short stories. Some will be only a couple of paragraphs of anecdotes and some will be a few pages. Hopefully, I will have it published by the end of February.

A little about myself

I began writing at the age of twelve. I was fortunate enough to have English teachers who encouraged my writing and for me to explore my imagination. They were always ready with positive feedback and constructive criticism. Because of them, my works are varied – poetry, humor, fiction, and self-help / awareness. Every character I create is a small piece of who I am. When you read my works, you will learn a little bit…